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Internal Working pages

Here the members of the European Union Network will find information about meetings, progress of work in different groups, computational tools and other useful stuff.


Instructions for accessing and editing the original and new network proposals.

Network FAQ

The Network FAQ allows you to pose questions, anonymously if you like, to everyone in the network.

Working Groups

Projects and project leaders


December 7-9, 2000
First EU Network meeting, summaries of our talks, action items, to do lists, people in charge of various things, etc.
June 6-10, 2001
Second EU Network meeting, summaries of our talks, action items, to do lists, people in charge of various things, etc. We also have the Scientific Project Summaries.


List of reports in the CVS repository
Instructions for checking out the First and Second Annual and the Midterm Report for our Project.
Midterm Report for our Project
A pdf file containing the midterm report. This should be considered an internal document, since it contains information on the inner workings of our project, so please treat it as confidential. But it will give you all a good idea of what research is going on! (I removed the financial information, but it is otherwise as submitted.)

Administrative Stuff

Conference Calls

We planned to have conference calls among senior people every 2 months.
May, 2001
Agenda, Minutes

Hydrodynamics Codes and Progress

Documentation for Hydrodynamics Codes. Here we provide informationn of relevance to the EU project members working on hydrodynamics. The pages contain links to the ASC Collaboratory, thorn lists and descriptions for initial data, evolution, etc. We also provide links to relevant papers describing the hydro modules. The Cactus-Zeus suite of tools for Newtonian Hydrodynamics is also linked and documented here. Finally we have have the  summary of the March 16-18 EU Network Hydro Meeting.
Hydro Conference Calls

Conference calls are organized among all the networkers interested in relativistic hydrodynamics and code development. The calls are held every 2 weeks and the minutes of the most recent ones can be found here.

AMR Activities

Scott Hawley maintains a page for the Network describing the status of various activities related to adaptive mesh refinement. There has been a lot of progress recently! As of June, 2001, the Zeus code seems to actually work with Cactus and the AMR enabling Grace systme of Manish Parashar. We are increasingly hopeful that we can use it for physics one day "soon"...

Computing Resources, information

Links to AEI computing facilities pages. These pages provide information for running with various utilities in Cactus, as well as tricks for using computational facilities available to the project. Can we make this so no password is needed if accessed from this page?


  • First EU Meeting, AEI
  • Second EU Meeting, Thessaloniki
  • Third EU Meeting, Southampton

    This work has been supported by the EU Programme 'Improving the Human Research Potential and the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base' (Research Training Network Contract HPRN-CT-2000-00137).