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EU Network Meeting III

31st January - 3rd February, 2002

Dolphin Hotel, High Street Southampton, Southampton, UK

The meeting will include the EU Mid-term Review on 1st/2nd February.

The Dolphin hotel is a traditional 13th century coaching inn situated in the town centre close to the old town waterfront. The rail station is fairly close. The hotel was built in 1390 and lays claim to the oldest bay windows in Europe. Dignitaries who have stayed there include Queen Victoria, King George III, Lord Nelson, William Thackeray and Jane Austin. It boasts a "friendly service, central location, complimentary car parking, lots to do around and about, credit account facilities available on request, good food and drink, 24 hour bar service for residents, meetings and events facilities with dedicated conference host". All the rooms are single rooms which include a double bed, settee, colour TV and drinks facilities. The cost is #70 for room, breakfast and lunch, tea, coffee and conference facilities. The day rate is #30. The conference room is a medium sized room at the front of the hotel and near the bar. The room possesses an OHP, screen and flip-chart and a data display unit will be provided. The email facilities will be very basic since there is only one internet line in the room. This will be supplemented by a line splitter, and several laptops but connectivity will likely be poor. The hotel has a bar which offers bar meals and it has its own restaurant. There is a large choice of eating establishments in the locality. 


Hotel web page: http://www.hotels-in-england.co.uk/corus/southampton.htm

The Dolphin is located at the x below, and the train and coach stations are encircled.

For other online maps see: http://www.multimap.com


Travel information:

By plane:

arriving at

o) Southampton airport:
-> taxi (can be booked directly at a counter in the airport hall)
OR -> train (stops directly at the aiport)
to Southampton Central (see "by train")

o) Heathrow, Gatwick or Stanstead:
-> National express buses to Southampton: can be bought at the airport
or booked in advance via: http://www.gobycoach.com/
-> arrives at Southampton Coach Station (Harbour Parade)
-> walk (see map) or taxi

By train:

arriving at Southampton Central station:
o) taxi  (cost less than 5 pounds)
OR o) walk (see map)

By car:

From M27 follow signs to M271 and Old Town Waterfront and Ferries. At the
Ferries, turn left into High Street to zebra crossing. Hotel is on the right.


Wednesday 30/1 19.30 onwards: Pre-meeting drinks (with possibility to order food) in the Standing Order, a pub located next to the Dolphin Hotel. Once you have washed off the dust from the road - join some of the members of the Southampton group for a pint or two.

Thursday 31/1
9.00-10.00  Review talk: Gravitational collapse  Carsten Gundlach
10.00-10.30  The perturbative collapse project  Jose-Maria Martin Garcia
10.30-11.00  Coffee  
11.00-12.00  Review talk: Relativistic hydrodynamics: State of the art methods and new ideas  Luciano Rezzolla
12.00-12.30  The EU Network hydro code  Luca Baiotti
12.30-14.00  Lunch
14.00-16.00   Round table discussions (1)
16.00-16.30  Tea  


The method of lines and the new hydro code

 Highly accurate computation of rotating neutron stars

How to invariantly characterize non linear black hole perturbations

PN initial data for black hole mergers

Post-Newtonian approximation for isolated systems calculated by matched asymptotic expansion to all orders

 Ian Hawke

 Marcus Ansorg

Virginia Re

 Wolfgang Tichy

 Olivier Poujade

19.00-Late  Coordinators meeting (+buffet?)

Friday 1/2
9.00-10.00  Review talk: Gravitational-wave sources and detection  B S Sathyaprakash
10.00-10.30  Strange stars as persistent gravitational-wave sources  Ian Jones 
10.30-11.00  Coffee  
11.00-11.30  Solving wave equations with pseudo-spectral methods  Jerome Novak
11.30-12.00  An update on AMR development  Scott Hawley
12.00-12.30  Flux limiter methods in 3D numerical relativity  Carles Palenzuela
12.30-13.00  Numerical relativity with a background geometry  Carlos Sopuerta
12.30-14.00  Lunch
   MIDTERM REVIEW (part 1)  
14.00-14.15  Introduction  Raymond Monk (EU)
14.15-15.20  Project overview  Ed Seidel


The projects (10 min each!):

  A1: Cactus Development

 A2: Vacuum black hole evolutions

  A3: Nonlinear relativistic hydro

A4: Asymptotic gravitational-wave codes


  Ed Seidel

  Ed Seidel

 Toni Font

 Ray d'Inverno

16.00-16.30  Tea


 B1: Post-Newtonian methods

B2: Relativistic stellar perturbations

 B3: Perturbative time-evolutions

 Gerhard Schaefer

 Nils Andersson

 Kostas Kokkotas

17.00-18.00  Comments from the advisory board  
18.00-18.30  Meeting: Reviewers and Advisory Board  

 Ray d'Inverno trio in Arlott Bar, Staff Club Southampton University

Saturday 2/2  MIDTERM REVIEW (part 2)  
9.00-10.00  Introducing the groups (5min each)  
10.00-11.00  Young researchers presentations (15 min each)  
   Superfluid neutron stars  Reinhard Prix
   The viscosity driven bar mode instability in rapidly rotating strange stars  Dorota Gondek-Rosinska
   Numerical evolutions of colliding black holes  Peter Diener
   Initial data for a torus around a black hole  Pedro Montero
11.00-11.30  Coffee  
11.30-13.00  A new numerical approach to studying neutron star oscillations: Non-linear coupling of radial modes in a Lagrangian formulation  Uli Sperhake
   Gravitational-wave scattering processes in coalescing binaries  Emanuele Berti
 Coalescing binaries: The effects of stellar structure on the emitted GW signal  Jose Pons
 Gravitational reaction force in a perfect fluid at third and a half post-Newtonian order: Elimination of higher order time derivatives  Guillaume Faye
 Relativistic irrotational fluids: 3D simulations in flat space  Andrea Nerozzi
 Hybrid HRSC/SM-Code Development  Joachim Frieben
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.30  Open discussion of Network  
14.30-14.45  Concluding remarks/Initial reactions  Raymond Monk
14.45-15.15  The Commissions 2002-2006 Framework programme   Raymond Monk 
15.15-16.00  Meeting: reviewers and young researchers  Round table discussions (2)
16.00-16.30  Tea
16.30-18.00 Round table discussions (3)
20.00-...  Banquet: Red Lion mediaeval feast  

Sunday 3/2    
 9.00-9.30  The effect of density discontinuities on the modes of oscillation of neutron stars  Giovanni Miniutti
9.30-10.00  Secular stability limits of f-mode of differentially rotating stars  Shin Yoshida
10.00-10.30  Time evolutions of Newtonian r-modes   Loic Villain
 10.30-11.00  Coffee
 11.00-11.30  Inertial modes of rotating relativistic stars Johannes Ruoff
 11.30-12.00  Results of Kojima's equation for r-modes Horst Beyer
 12.00  Lunch  
Time to go home...  or go on an exciting outing in the South of England...


Details for attendees:
Name Affiliation Arrival Departure Banquet Excursion
Network members:
Gabrielle Allen AEI 30/1 3/2 x (veg)
Marcus Ansorg Jena 30/1 3/2 x
Luca Baiotti SISSA 30/1 4/2 x x
Emanuele Berti Thessaloniki 30/1 4/2 x x
Horst Beyer AEI 30/1 5/2    
Carles Bona Palma 30/1 3/2 x
Silvano Bonazzola Meudon 31/1
Peter Diener AEI 30/1 4/2 x x
Harry Dimmelmaier Garching 30/1 3/2 x ?
Guillaume Faye Jena 30/1 3/2 x
Valeria Ferrari Rome 30/1 3/2 x ?
Tony Font Valencia 30/1 4/2 x x
Joachim Frieben Valencia 30/1 4/2 x x
Kostas Glampedakis Cardiff 30/1 3/2 x  
Dorota Gondek-Rosinska Meudon 30/1 3/2 x
Eric Gourgoulhon Meudon 30/1 3/2 x
Leonardo Gualtieri Rome 30/1 3/2 x
Francisco Guzman AEI 30/1 4/2 x
Scott Hawley AEI 30/1 4/2 x x
Ian Hawke AEI 30/1 4/2 x  
Frank Hermann AEI 30/1 4/2 x x
Jose Maria Ibanez Valencia 30/1 4/2 x x
Kostas Kokkotas Thessaloniki 30/1 3/2 x
Michael Koppitz AEI 30/1 4/2 x x
John Miller SISSA 30/1 3/2 x
Giovanni Miniutti Rome 30/1 4/2 x x
J-A Miralles Valencia 30/1 4/2 x x
Carmen Molina-Paris Warwick 31/1 3/2 x x
Pedro Montero SISSA 30/1 4/2 x
Allessandro Nagar Parma 30/1 4/2 x x
Jerome Novak Meudon 30/1 3/2 x
Carles Palenzuela Palma 30/1 3/2 x
Denis Pollney AEI 30/1 4/2 x  
Jose Pons Rome 30/1 x
Olivier Poujade IAP 30/1 3/2
Luciano Rezzolla SISSA 30/1 3/2 x
David Rideout AEI 30/1 4/2    
Johannes Ruoff Thessaloniki 30/1 3/2 x ?
Gerhard Schaefer Jena 30/1 3/2 x
Ed Seidel AEI 30/1 3/2 x
Ulrich Sperhake Thessaloniki no room needed   x  
Adam Stavridis Thessaloniki 30/1 4/2 x x
Jonathan Thornburg AEI 30/1 3/2    
Wolfgang Tichy AEI 30/1 4/2 x
Loic Villain Meudon 30/1 3/2 x
Shin Yoshida SISSA 30/1 3/2 x
Advisory Board:
Jean Pierre Lasota Paris 1/2 2/2
Tsvi Piran Jerusalem 31/1 3/2 x x
B S Sathyaprakash Cardiff 30/1 1/2
Bernard Schutz AEI 31/1 2/2    
Midterm Review panel:
Raymond Monk EU 1/2 3/2 x
Southampton group
Ray d'Inverno x
Nils Andersson x
Carsten Gundlach
James Vickers
Reinhard Prix x
Ian Jones x
Jose Maria Martin-Garcia x
Anna Watts x
Rhiannon Williams
Mina Maniopoulous x
Portsmouth Group
Philippos Papadopoulos x
Marco Bruni x
Carlos Sopuerta x
Andrea Nerozzi x
Virginia Re x

This work has been supported by the EU Programme 'Improving the Human Research Potential and the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base' (Research Training Network Contract HPRN-CT-2000-00137).