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Mailing Lists

The EU Network maintains a number of mailing lists at the AEI. These lists are in general as closed to misuse as possible.

In all cases, contact Peter Diener if you want to be added (or removed) to a list.

The archives for mailing lists may soon be available on the network internal pages.

Network Lists

advisory (advisory@eu-network.org)

The members of the Advisory Board

eu-amr (eu-amr@eu-network.org)

Mailing list maintained by Scott Hawley for AMR work and development (see Scott's Web Page for more information).

eu-network (eu-network@eu-network.org)

The general mailing list for the EU Network and it's associated friends and colleagues is:

eu-network-admin (eu-network-admin@eu-network.org)

The senior staff and administrators at each site, namely:

Ed Seidel, Elke Geisler, Elke Mueller, Nils Andersson, Carles Bona, Valeria Ferrari, Eric Gourgoulhon, Jose-Maria Ibanez, Ray d'Inverno, Kostas Kokkotas, John Miller, Philippos Papadopoulos, Luciano Rezzolla, Gerhard Schaefer

perturbations (perturbations@eu-network.org)

The mailing list for those working on the perturbations project.

Other Lists


Subscribe to the Cactus mailing lists from their Web Page Interface

This work has been supported by the EU Programme 'Improving the Human Research Potential and the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base' (Research Training Network Contract HPRN-CT-2000-00137).