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The EU Network CVS Repository

Anonymous/Public and Individual Logins

A username and password is required to access the CVS repository. There is an anonymous user which anyone can use to access publically available modules:

Username: cvs_anon
Password: anon

An individual or private username and password is required to access restricted modules, or to commit new material or changes to the repository. If you need your own username, contact cvs_admin@eu-network.org, and explain who you are and why you need a password.

Using the Repository

Here is a summary of the basics you need for using the CVS repository, if this isn't enough, there is a more extensive page.

Using CVS is really easy, there are four basic commands: 1. login to the repository (just once on each machine), 2. checkout the modules or sub-modules (that is directories) you want, 3. update your existing checked out modules to get recent changes, 4. commit any changes you have made.


cvs -d :pserver:<login>@cvs.eu-network.org:/EUNetwork login
CVS Password: <password>


cvs -d :pserver:<login>@cvs.eu-network.org:/EUNetwork checkout <module>


Updating works recursively downwards from the directory in which you are:

cvs update


Commiting works recursively downwards from the directory in which you are:

cvs commit

When you commit remember to give a helpful message when you're prompted ... this goes into a log of all changes and is also emailed to interested people!

Publically Available Modules

  • Meudon
    • Data
      • BinBH
      • BinNS
    • Docs
      • BinBH
      • BinNS

This work has been supported by the EU Programme 'Improving the Human Research Potential and the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base' (Research Training Network Contract HPRN-CT-2000-00137).